Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prophet Elias Senior Dance Group

The Prophet Elias Senior Dance Group is a non-profit organisation run by the community and parish of Prophet Elias, Norwood in South Australia. Our main focus is to promote the Greek culture to both Greek and non-greek communities of South Australia through performances and teaching the youth in a friendly environment. The group teaches the youth Of South Australia from the ages of 13- 25. We teach both Traditional and Modern dances from all over Greece including the regions of Mainland Greece, Greek islands, Pontos, Macedonia, Cyprus, Asia Minor and many more. Our performances range from festivals to dinner dances and other special events. The costumes we wear are bright and colourful making it even more rewarding to perform.

If you are interested in joining the dance group do not hesitate to contact us.  Email:

The Prophet Elias Senior Dance Group 
Christoforos and Alexia Crocker